Photo Gallery


The 100 Year Flood on 9/21/09

 (and we thought Hurricane Opal was bad...) 

 Here are some of the pictures taken that day and our clean-up process...

            Firemen coming to evacuate us!                                       Our street sign (day 2)                                      Looking down towards our street.....



            Mary's Car... a muddy mess!                                          Dog House flipped over                                                    Mud everywhere!



                                                 Trash piled outside our house                                             The walls came down in our Den                         



                              Actual water level marks from the Flood on the trees in our backyard......You can see Ted standing next to them.                        


Life at Home

The Beach on the Lake where we live


          Deer grazing in our backyard                         After Hurricane Opal -  No grazing today!


"The Circle of Life"   Mama Deer after being shot with a Cross Bow (11/08)  



                 During the winter, the arrow broke off and she got pregnant.... 

          Grazing with her 1 year olds (1 week to go)                                  And here with her 2 new Fawns

                                                                                              (she also survived the Flood!  We saw her again Jan. 2010)



         Last picture taken of Mama Deer before she died (July 2010)      Her baby with the other two fawns       


                                                                               Arrow taken out of her back!



          More Backyard Nature 

                 Other Mama Deer nursing her Fawn                                    Turkey looking for a way in...


                                     Racoon                                                                      Albino Squirrel        


                                    2 Bucks                                                                         Fawn "Chillin"


   Our Business





 "Seminar At Sea" Nov. 2007  



At Escape International, we don't believe in traditional conventions!





Escape International- 2005

with Founder & CEO, David Rutz


               Mary in Mexico


                     Training in the "Hot Tub"



At Leadership workshop on Cruise Ship



           "Sunset from the Ship"


          CNN 20th Anniv. June 2000- Back when we worked for "Corporate America"

                           Our Dogs: Buddy & Lady



                           Ted and his "Toy"